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One night at the end of may,

Five different girls made their way,

toward a party they would never go to,

toward a night they’ll forever review,

in their heads, sunk deep in their minds,

forever they’ll mind

what they found deep inside:

The driver caught herself on the edge of recklessness

she drove without her mental checklist,

now she knows why she worked better with one

than without,

four young girls who wouldn’t have come out.

In the passenger seat, a fragile little beauty,

stood up to air bags smothering her chest,

found her voice and screamed.

Her scream, though, was not in panic,

it was in warning, to protect her friends most dear

that night it seems, she found why she was really here.

In the backseat, were three girls laughing,

their laughter stopped ringing when

the wheels started screeching,

their lungs collapsed as warped terror crept up every spine,

their lives flashing before them

their era of time.

The girl to the right, a quiet beauty,

took it upon herself to warn someone first,

to ask for help when she was dying of thirst.

Strength in the face of a parental wrath is often the hardest to face,

but this brave girl blinked not and stood her place.

The middle girl couldn’t have known what she was thinking,

so unsafe in the middle, no seat as protection,

her arms reached out in search of affection,

but met only glass and plastic.

The fact that this girl, at the end of it all,

still had the courage to smile,

in that ill-fated hospital hall,

amazes me the most.

I couldn’t forgive me.

The last one was thinking hard,

the entire time, thoughtful with worry,

at a different crime. One where before, she had driven askew

her friend’s lives in danger and

couldn’t know what to do.

In the end she was on the outside,

only looking in,

but this should comfort her, she is not the only one,

who makes mistakes and crashes cars,

who wishes she hadn’t pushed herself so far.

There is one last girl, who, braver than most,

came to the scene, to face the absolute worst,

Young lives before her eyes, could have easily have been taken

she wept her regret,

but dried away the tears, when she realized her fears

were ringing within every ear,

so she sat there lost, in confused consolation,

wondering if it was her, wondering what if,

knowing that car held what was most dear to her,

knowing she could have lost it in the blink of an eye,

a shocking discovery forced her cry:

“Why would this happen! What went all wrong?”

“I’m sorry!” I cried, it was all of my fault,

but her anger and confusion worried me more,

so I sat quiet and sank to the floor,

and looked upward at the stars,

and thanked everything for letting us live,

to allowing these girls

to continue to give

to a world that needs them,

a world which wouldn’t see them dead.

So thank god for that Angel,

that kept our car afloat, and landed it safely in a field,

where our lives changed forever,

where our fear finally broke.