Face your Fears Second Annual Short Story Draw

What’s October without Spooky Stories?

About this time last year, 62 contestants braved their worst fears by entering my “Face your Fears” Short Story Draw. Now you, just like Aleks, have the chance to win a short story that leaves you at the mercy of your worst fear. He was scared of being crushed alive…what are you afraid of?

Contest Closed; fright-writing in progress!

Whether privately or publicly, submit your worst fears to “Face your Fears” Short Story Contest by commenting below, or messaging directly through my Facebook page. All entries received by midnight on October 10, 2018 will be collected in a hat and drawn at random, with results posted the morning of October 11th, 2018.

Curious to read last year’s story?

Read “Fire-Out” here.

Header Image copyright Jessica Barratt


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