Founded in 2011, WordsofHers.com is a home for both JB Editing and The (Almost) Daily.

Where the former provides an avenue for professional services, the latter is an online repertoire of creative work from JB Editing’s founder, author Jessica Barratt.

To learn more about Jessica, read on below:

Owner. Leader. Writer.

Any Medium That Comes To Mind.

Jessica Barratt is a literary fiction enthusiast of both the professional and creative bent. Whether in the service of her clients through JB Editing, or just because she wants to, Barratt spends most of her days glued to her pen or keyboard, crafting the words that become both her literal and spiritual sustenance.

While Barratt’s creative work often concerns themes of alienation, technological advancement, and the psycho-social boundaries of memory, her professional abilities have yet to find any boundary at all. Whether shouldering the development of a lengthy research manuscript, or just helping a friend title their latest work, Barratt enjoys all the fruits of her literary labour, and is proud to call herself a Canadian writer, at that.

Barratt’s creative work first received recognition in 2013, when “Loops”, an early short story, became a Flo Decoteau Creative Writing Award winner and later received publication with The Wanderer Online. Others works have appeared in Flamingo, MUSe Journal, Prism International, and the Bolo Tie Collective Anthology, while some of her more journalistic material has found home with The Yards Newsmagazine—where she had the pleasure of being an editorial intern—and Invest in Alberta. She also self-publishes short stories through The (Almost) Daily, and is currently in the process of finalizing one of her three ongoing manuscripts, this one tentatively titled, Vast.  

Jess is one of the best freelancers I’ve ever hired. She’s accountable, timely, efficient, and a bang-up writer. Probably one of the top 3 writers I’ve ever worked with. As a ghostwriter, she’s extremely adaptable, a chameleon who can quickly sound like a domain expert in a foreign area. Highly recommended all around if you need a writer extraordinaire.

Joe Tuan, 2019

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