A Sustainable Edmonton, for Good | The Local Goodness Project

This article was originally posted at http://www.thelocalgood.ca. So often have many of us worried what will become of our earth as climate change worsens our environment’s capacity to sustain life. Some, like those with local Indigenous and climate-forward organizations the Beaver Hills Warriors and Extinction Rebellion, have been worrying and warning of these disastrous trends long before manyContinue reading “A Sustainable Edmonton, for Good | The Local Goodness Project”

Quasar Trash

We’d gotten a vehicle to Mars for Christ’s sake, and this is what they choose to celebrate? Curiosity, out there all on his—its—own, humming to the frequency of “Happy Birthday”? Mics up to max, an ear-numbing static filling our large control room, some of the more senior staff sing loudly over the noise while eatingContinue reading “Quasar Trash”