School’s Out!: Exploring ‘Post’-COVID Education with Erika Lindsay

Though it may be difficult to peg education as a ‘hot topic’ these days, none of us can ignore the category-ten shift that students, teachers, and career-makers are experiencing as we all continue to reel amid rampant economic collapse and a global pandemic.   Not a pretty outlook, no.  That’s why I was sincerely glad when my long-timeContinue reading “School’s Out!: Exploring ‘Post’-COVID Education with Erika Lindsay”

The Local Goodness: Supporting Local on a Budget

This article was originally published at Even as many of us question where our money will be coming from as 2020 progresses, local businesses, non-profits, and other organizations like ours have been pushing “support local” as much as we can. And while we’re right to–economic activity is an essential part of community recovery–we wouldn’t be doing thoseContinue reading “The Local Goodness: Supporting Local on a Budget”