“In Spite of Discomfort”: A Consideration of Allyship on Treaty Six Territory with Keighlagh Donovan

Join Local Edmonton scholar Keighlagh Donovan (she/ her) as she sits down with #wordsofhers to talk about her evolving view of allyship. Constantly abetted by literary discovery and a litany of quotes that will have you pondering long after the read is over, this interview will leave you with a list of texts you should get your hands on, and an open mind knowing that allyship isn’t always as easy as saying ‘I’m an Ally’.

Trust, Self-Construal, and a Philosophy of Dance with #YEG Lindy Hopper, Turlough Myers

Welcome to Edmonton’s secret world of swing solidarity!

Read on to meet local Edmonton swing dancer Turlough Myers and hear what he has to say on trust, equality, and the philosophy of dance!

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#YegCares About Non-profits | The Local Goodness Project 

This article was originally published at http://www.thelocalgood.ca. As we kick off the second week (yay!) of The Local Goodness Project, we want to talk about care. That’s why today we’re focusing on grassroots and non-profits in Edmonton. We want to shed light on those Edmontonians or Albertans who started a grassroots collective or movement long before thisContinue reading “#YegCares About Non-profits | The Local Goodness Project “

Co-Gardening and Collective Composting | The Local Goodness Project

This article was originally posted at http://www.thelocalgood.com. Did you know that Edmonton has over 80 community gardens and counting? With 20+ plots each, that’s over 1600 chances for #localgoodness to bloom in YEG! And since our community gardens were recently given the go ahead to continue operations (within AHS standards of course) from the City, The Local Good wanted to focusContinue reading “Co-Gardening and Collective Composting | The Local Goodness Project”

Supporting Local in Style | The Local Goodness Project

This article was originally posted at http://www.thelocalgood.ca Haven’t you heard? Supporting local is IN, and it’s always best to give back in style! That’s why today’s #LocalGoodnessYEG focuses on the Edmontonian fashion gurus that help us dress to impress, whatever the season.  Whether you’re an on-scene regular or not, there is a TON you can doContinue reading “Supporting Local in Style | The Local Goodness Project”