Supporting Local in Style | The Local Goodness Project

This article was originally posted at Haven’t you heard? Supporting local is IN, and it’s always best to give back in style! That’s why today’s #LocalGoodnessYEG focuses on the Edmontonian fashion gurus that help us dress to impress, whatever the season.  Whether you’re an on-scene regular or not, there is a TON you can doContinue reading “Supporting Local in Style | The Local Goodness Project”

Western Canada Fashion Week: More Than Your Average Catwalk

To Canadians (and maybe the rest of the world), Western Canada is known for its big trucks, big houses, and big energy. Oil, gas, forestry, renewables…you name it, we make it. But if you were with me at Western Canada Fashion Week’s opening night last night, then you’ll know that the energy doesn’t stop atContinue reading “Western Canada Fashion Week: More Than Your Average Catwalk”