Grave Subjects: Emily Storvold on Art, Death, and the Afterlife

Fun shapes, bold colours–certainly terms that describe the visual creations of Emily Storvold. Still, anyone close to her knows that under her more playful layer is a head brimming with philosophical rumination, and more specifically, rumination as it relates to existence. That’s probably why she reacted so positively when I found myself asking: “Hey, youContinue reading “Grave Subjects: Emily Storvold on Art, Death, and the Afterlife”

Supporting Local in Style | The Local Goodness Project

This article was originally posted at Haven’t you heard? Supporting local is IN, and it’s always best to give back in style! That’s why today’s #LocalGoodnessYEG focuses on the Edmontonian fashion gurus that help us dress to impress, whatever the season.  Whether you’re an on-scene regular or not, there is a TON you can doContinue reading “Supporting Local in Style | The Local Goodness Project”

“You Good?”: Finding Edmonton’s Good in Isolation

This article was originally published at With something as large as a human-wide health crisis on our doorsteps, it can be difficult to hold on. The things we once thought to be solid have been shaken to the core. Some things have been broken forever. Business is different. Everyone’s at home. The streets are emptyContinue reading ““You Good?”: Finding Edmonton’s Good in Isolation”

Exploring Liam Leroux’s “Ostrich MgQuarck is the Worst Detective in the World”

A while back I had the honour of having both a short story and a small book review published in the inaugural issue of The Bolo Tie Collective’s annual anthology. While the short story casts a dark shadow on Edmonton’s 104th Avenue, the book review below takes a lighter approach to local author Liam Leroux’sContinue reading “Exploring Liam Leroux’s “Ostrich MgQuarck is the Worst Detective in the World””