JB Editing



We’re “write” for you!

Yes! Puns! Obviously what you’re here for, no?
…No. I see.

Well, on with it then!



What is JB Editing?

JB Editing didn’t always have a proper title. In those times it was just me and those who knew of my secret talent for word-smithery. I would take on a small editing job here, wiggle myself into a communications position there…and always people would say, “Gosh! I hate this sort of thing! How do you do it?”

Hearing this enough times, I realized: Hey! Maybe my eleven-year-old dream is coming true; maybe I do have a magical power. A wizard of words. A sorcerer of sentence-ery! (Trying too hard?)

That’s really when JB Editing was born. Somehow, with a name for what I did, I began seeing how I could use my power for good: to help others improve their creative manuscripts, academic essays, resumes, cover letters…whatever document they needed to take the next step in their career, industry, or personal life. It was pretty powerful, I have to say.

Since then, I have been applying my editorial expertise to documents ranging in size, length, and style for clients as far away as Dubai. And you know what? I am loving it.

You know what else?

I’m ready to help you do the very same thing!

Looking to chat about a project? Find out how you can contact me here.

Wondering about rates and services? Click here.

Talk soon!


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