Academic Publications

MUSe Inaugural Issue: Critical Essay under Arts and Sciences 

Professional Publications

Invest in Alberta 2020: Westward Bound (PAGES 17 – 24)

Invest in Alberta 2019: Around Alberta (PAGES 17 – 22)

Alberta 2.0 Innovation and Unique Technology Start-ups

Invest in Alberta 2017: Stronger Together (PAGE 55)

LEAP Magazine: Stepping Up

Live Up Magazine: Home on the Range (PAGE 32)


The Money-Making Content Machine: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook to Profiting from Content without Burnout (primary contributor).


Brittle Leaves & Broken Eaves: A Book of Short Stories and Poetry

Whatever You Say (Collaborative Flash Fiction feat. Visual Artist Emily Storvold)

Short Story: Loops

Short Story: Witticker

Book Reviews

Prism International: Fragile Equilibrium and Sudden Fictions

Short Bios

LEAP Magazine: Next Gen with Dr. Sunil Verma

Deanna Reder: A Giving Voice

Community First, Movement Second: A Short Bio of Harsha Walia

Community Writing

Redefining Reconciliation with Jennifer Ward

“You Good?”: Finding Edmonton’s Good in Isolation

The Local Goodness: Supporting Local on a Budget

Supporting Local in Style | The Local Goodness Project

A Sustainable Edmonton for Good | The Local Goodness Project

#YegCares about Non-Profits | The Local Goodness Project

Co-Gardening and Collective Composting | The Local Goodness Project

The Yards Newsmagazine: Spreading the Peace

The Yards Newsmagazine: Made in Oliver

The Yards Newsmagazine: The Kindness of Strangers

The Yards Newsmagazine: Green Shacks

The Yards Newsmagazine: Churches Working Religiously for You

The Yards Newsmagazine: Game On

The Yards Newsmagazine: Volunteer of the Season, Brett Hall

The Yards Newsmagazine: Volunteer of the Season, Angelika Matson

The Yards Newsmagazine: From the Wreckage

The Yards Newsmagazine: Little Free Libraries

Other Publications

How to Organize a Hiking Backpack

Why You Shouldn’t Develop Your Own App, and Other Horror Stories

Healthcare App Development Trends to Watch in 2019

How to Leverage AI for your Content Marketing Game

Do Not Be Afraid: Machine Learning and the Future of Employment


2015 | Short Story “Ceremony” published in Flamingo

2016 | Short Story “Spill” published in The Bolo Tie Collective Anthology