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As we kick off the second week (yay!) of The Local Goodness Project, we want to talk about care. That’s why today we’re focusing on grassroots and non-profits in Edmonton. We want to shed light on those Edmontonians or Albertans who started a grassroots collective or movement long before this crisis began–and who are already well-equipped to harness the power #LocalGoodnessYEG toward the social welfare and civic improvement of our city. 

The best part? These organizations and community leadership hubs were built by people just like us, which means there’s a ton that we can do to give a little thanks for those organizations, and to support the causes they stand for using our time, money, and voices–especially as many of these collectives face lost opportunities for spring and summer fundraising events, activities, and social activism. 

Here are just a few ways you can help non-profits using your… 


It is sometimes easy to dismiss non-profit and grassroots organizations in-town as being for the social “do-gooders” and “dreamers” with a lot of time on their hands. The truth is, however, that these same organizations play an essential role in the economic and cultural evolution of our city and country. For instance, not only did non-profits and charities collectively surpass the “vital $100 billion dollar mark” in their overall contributions to Canada’s GDP (back in 2009), but they were recently said to be “uniquely equipped to assist non-Indigenous Canadians” in following the implementation of the TRC Calls to Action–a huge positive as we push for reconciliation and solidarity with Edmonton’s Indigenous and Metis populations.  

So today, take some time to explore the “About Us” pages of some of the local organizations and not-for-profit organizations taking care of Edmontonians like you. (We’ve listed some below, but it’s certainly not comprehensive!). There’s a whole secret network of helpers in Edmonton just waiting to be uncovered, and your search can help you get the insider scoop on who’s helping who in Edmonton. These pages also offer lists of other great local helpers and resources for readers like yourself to get started! 

If nothing else, this can be an extremely enlightening and uplifting process to get an idea of what other Edmontonians care about, and what they’re working toward behind closed doors.


Cash may be the most obvious go-to when we’re trying to help, but with all of us a little tight in the pocket right now, it’s important to make sure those dollars are going to the organizations who’ll make the most use of them. But now that you’ve done some research on Edmonton’s not-for-profit presence, you’re in a better position to narrow down where to donate your hard-earned funds. 

So with your money, consider making a cash donation to that favorite organization, non-profit, or charity. Even if it’s a small one, these organizations have wide-spread networks of helpers who will be able to filter and utilize that cash to the best of their ability, making sure your dollars go as far as possible in supporting the cause that’s close to you. 


PS: Did you know that the Alberta government is matching donated funds? Donate to an organization with a COVID-relief fund and take advantage! Find out more on that here.


Now that you’ve taken the time to research some of the hardworking helpers Edmonton has to offer, and have used some of your side-cash to support those efforts, it’s time to use your voice to help elevate and promote your’s and other’s efforts to fulfill the needs of those organizations. 

Send a tweet or make a post about your donation and share it with your friends. Make a challenge with your family to see who can find the most spare change laying around, and the winner gets to donate it to the non-profit of their choice! If there’s an issue related to one of these groups that you have some particular knowledge or expertise in, be sure to amplify that knowledge anywhere you can; everyone loves a great “quick fact”, and the right one could move them to action! 

Finally, feel free to look up local crowd-funding campaigns for these grassroots organizations and amplify these as well. Encourage others to follow along online–you might even consider writing your own post on why you think it’s important to help a particular Edmonton-local organization. If you do, just make sure to share it with us with the hashtag #LocalGoodnessYEG!

Great Local Non-Profits, Organizations and Charities You Can Help Today: 

BIPOC in BloomShades of ColourOperation Friendship Seniors SocietyEdmonton Food Bank
YWCABissell CentreEdmonton Community FoundationRARICA Now
Habitat for Humanity Waste-Free EdmontonBeaver Hills WarriorsBoyle Street Community Centre
Institution for the Advancement of Aboriginal WomenHope MissionEmployAbilitiesiHuman
RISE – Reconciliation in Solidarity EdmontonSACE – Sexual Assault Centre of EdmontonGreen Scholars of AlbertaArts Habitat
YESSCentre for Race and CultureArts on the AveHeritage Forward

Don’t see your favorite non-profit, charity, or social organization above? There’s a comprehensive list for Albertan organizations here, but you can also share their name with us at the hashtag #LocalGoodnessYEG! 

Want to help Canada’s COVID-19 Response? Click here to find out how to help. 


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