Artist Patrick Moskwa Unveils YoungBlood at WCFW!

“I make a mess…”

Those are some of the first words that Patrick Moskwa uses to describe his body of work (pun intended) but like him, audiences know “…it’s what comes out of the mess that matters most.”

Certainly, Moskwa is a master of collaboration and experimentation. Looking through his portfolio, audiences get the sense that they’re looking at their own reflection in an incredibly clear pool of water. There’s a familiarity in his work that leaves viewers open to the same vulnerability that Moskwa draws from when creating, but also, a little something else: a precarious balance (perhaps), as if each separate piece might topple off of the page at any moment.

In fact, I think it’s that balancing act that had Western Canada Fashion Week seeking to bring his work to an audience of fellow appreciators of great design! And how better to honour one of Western Canada’s own than by making sure every attendee gets a ticket printed with a unique image by the great artist himself?

Curious to see more? Come down to WCFW tonight and see what all the talk is about!

Can’t wait to see you there,



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